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This platform is the result of a collaborative work between International Trade Center “ITC-Geneva”, National Metrology Institute of Germany “PTB”, Egyptian Organization for Standards & Quality “EOS” and Engineering Export Council of Egypt “EEC”.

It is a directory that links service seekers with service providers from all levels of quality infrastructure in Egypt. This helps the Egyptian manufacturers and service providers who are willing to export their products and goods to other countries but facing the hiccup of testing, certifying and accrediting their services and products.

Quality infrastructure in Egypt are built upon three pillars; accreditation, certifications and standards, and finally metrology and conformity assessment. In Egypt; the national accreditation body is the Egyptian Accreditation Council “EGAC”, is responsible for accreditation of Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies and Laboratories. The Egyptian standards are issued by the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and quality . Egyptian Primary Standards that are traceable to SI units are held by the National Institute of Standards . Conformity assessment – testing and calibration of products and instruments – is performed by several public and private organizations in Egypt.

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This publication has been developed under the supervision and direction of theInternational Trade Centre (ITC) and the Physikalisch- the National Metrology Institute of Germany), which developed the ITC-PTB publication Export Quality Management: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Exporters.

This guide, originally launched in 2001, was customized and distributed to nationalpartners in 15 countries, including Egypt, showing the need to provide relevant informationto SMEs wishing to expand their businesses through trade.

ITC updated and published a new edition of this guide with PTB in 2010. The methodologyto customize and distribute local versions has been upgraded too. This is the first localadaptation for Egypt of the revised guide.

This publication has been prepared by Dr. Eng. Ahmed Sultan Hashem, Quality Director,National Organization for Military Production. It has been conceptualized and technicallyreviewed by Ludovica Ghizzoni and Khemraj Ramful, Adviser and Senior Adviser onExport Quality Management, ITC, and reviewed by Nils Stauch, PTB.

Special thanks to the international projects unit members of EOS: Eng. Rehab Abdel Aziz,International Projects Unit Head, Dr. Hasnaa Hatem, Project Manager, InternationalProjects Unit, EOS, and Ghada Mohamed, Project Manager, International Projects Unit,EOS, for their proofing support.

Thanks to Beate Minow, ITC, for proofing support and to the ITC publication team for production management and quality control.

You can download the E-Book Version from Here.

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